Exotic Trout In Manitoba Canada
One of the most amasing fish I have ever seen .The colours were that of crimson red sunrise orange with purple spots encircled with blue halos. What a wonderful unique fish! . My first encounter with one of these brook trout char hybrids was in the Porcupines . A close freind Linol Ethier had lived and worked for natural resoruces told me about the some of the hybrids that the Provincial Government stalked. It was nothing more than a casual experiment. The white shell Trout hatchery had only read about hybrids and decide to try it. They just happed to have some left over breeding stock ready for the experiment. Producing hybrids was nothing new .It had been going on since the 1950s when actual lake trout egges were fertilized using male brook trout sperm to produce a species called splake. It has been common Practice in our government stocking programs to produce hybrids. So why do it? Mostly to enhance sport fishing. Hybrids tend to take on unique traits from the different parental species. Splake tend to grow and put on the weight faster the the lake trout . The splake could even live longer then the brook trout considering the lake trout can live between 80 -100 years old . While know one really knows how long they live Some estimate any where from10-15-30 years.
Arctic char tend to torpedo out leaving them long and thin .By mixing the arctic char with the brook trout they fill out in girth and weight an excellent quality to the sport fisherman .Another characteristic is the aggression of the brook trout. They are known to be gluttenous eaters. Could this trait have become apart of the Sparr? I asked Ray Shew Felt from the white shell trout hatchery if they could reproduce ? The answer is probably no. Again there has been no conclusive evidence that hybrids can not reproduce , if they can lay eggs it is possible. Stranger things have happened in this field according to Ray.
This is the actual report from Ray Shewfelt and staff from the Whiteshell fish hatchery on Sparr
We first crossed these 2 species using the arctic charr egges and brook trout sperm, rather that using the longer name of the hybrid, we nicknamed them sparr. the Sp from the speckled trout or (brooktrout), and the arr from the arctic charr. This name was inspired from another popular cross , theLake trout egg and Brook trout sperm produced the popular Splake Trout
We first produce Sparr on November 26, 1995, because we had extra Brook Trout eggs we decided to reverse the hybrid, so on that same day we took the Brook and used arctic charr sperm to fertilize them. To distinguish them in the hatchery, we decided to reverse the name also, hence the name Sparr became Rraps
We only did the Rraps for 1 year; they were stocked the first week of march 1997 in Big Clearwater Lake,and Davidson Lake(15000-4cm fry in each lake). We have stocked Davidson and seech lake regularly, and we have stocked Snail Lake. The Sparr are very popular with anglers, and we would like to hear from anglers about any that has been caught.
Ray Shewfelt Nov 8/99
The Tiger Trout is most beautiful trout hybrid that I have ever seen . The name itself captivated me. Just wanting to catch a a speices of trout that no one has even seen before. What is a tiger trout ? Its a cross between a Brown trout and Brook trout Why is it called a tiger trout? and Does it have actual tiger stripes? It was most likey named because of the wild unique markings called vermiculations. I first heard about these trout from a good customer of mine Bill Mcauly told me about this wonderful little lake he found that contained tiger trout.
About a month later a friend Bob Sheedy a (local proffessional flyfisher) had actually caught one .It was the first one I had ever seen. These fish have already gained a reputation for being as wary as the browns. A gene that most of us anglers probably want to do without. Never the less those that have been persistant have ended up with a beautiful fish worthy of the effort . Those that have been caught are over 20 inches. They definatly grow fast in our waters and according to Ray they could have a life expectency of 10 yearsThis is the actual report from Ray Shewfelt and staff from the Whiteshell fish hatchery on Tiger Trout
On November 27,1989 we crossed 2 female Brown trout egges with Sperm from 2 BrookTrout males. the eggs eyed up on December 30,1989(this is the point where you can notice development in the egg. The eggs hatched January 27,1990. The fry were in excellent health. the fish were kept at the White Shell Trout Hatchery for the summer,where they were fed and cared for by the staff. On september 6,1990 they were palced in plastic bags and flown by helicopter to one lake. they were 6.7 cm long, and were 306fish per kg.
Tiger Trout are a beautiful fish. they have green to brown coloration, in a pattern not unlike modern day camoflage patterns used by the military. They are reputed to be fairly aggressive,and are probably infertile since they are a hybrid.

Why fish for hybrids ? Just so you can say that you caught something different from the usual
If you tell some one you caught a nice Rainbow. Brown or Brook trout its no big deal .
But if you told someone you caught a TigerTrout ,Sparr or Splake the first question you will be asked garanteed is, What is that?
I have really enjoyed fishing for these different species. They dont really fight any different their cousins the Browns, brooks, and arctic char . But lets face it ! Large rainbows are hard to beat.
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