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Advanced Lake Fly Fishing Flies for Trout Fly Tyer's Nymph Manual Nymph Fishing
American Fly Tying Manual Flies of the Northwest Fly Tying and Fishing for Panfish and Bass Nymph Fishing for Larger Trout
American Nymph Fly Tying Manual Flies: the Best One Thousand Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple Nymph Tying and Fishing
The Art of Fly Tying Float Tube Fly Fishing Fly Tying Magazine Smallmouth Strategies on a Flyrod
The Art of Fly Tying CD-ROM Float Tube Magic Fly Tying with Synthetics Steelhead fishing and flies
Borger Color System Fly Casting (color illustrated) Guide to Aquatic Trout Food Strategies for Stillwater
Brook Trout Fly Fisherman Magazine Handbook of Hatches The Gilly
Brown Trout Fly Fishing Fly Fishers' Guide to Lakes Handcrafting a Graphite Flyrod Tying Bass Flies
Bug Making Fly Fishing Bass Basics Lake Fishing with a Fly Tying Dry Flies
Complete Book of Western Hatches Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass Lake Fly Fishing on the High Plains (CD-ROM; requires web browser) Tying Foam Flies
Comprehensive Guide to Western Gamefish Fly Fishing in the Northwest Territories The L.L. Bean Fly Fishing Handbook Tying Nymphs
Curtis Creek Manifesto Fly Fishing Strategies for Stillwater Master Angler - fly fishing management computer program (CD-ROM; requires Windows 95+) Tying Trout Flies
Custom Graphite Fly Rod Fly Patterns - an International Guide Matching the Hatch Tying Trout Nymphs
Essential Fly Fishing Fly Patterns of the Umpqua Feather Merchants Native Trout of North America Canadian Flyfisher Magazine
Dyeing and Bleaching Natural Fly Tying Materials Flyfishing and Tying Journal
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