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The Art of Tying the Nymph Basic Fly Casting Fly Fishing Adventure Series
Fly Fishing by the Seat of Your Pants Fly Fishing for Pike Fly Fishing for Trout
Fly Fishing Strategies for Stillwater Fly Rodder's Guide to Pike Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple
Hooked on Fly Fishing Hooked on Fly Tying How to Fly Fish Lakes
Scientific Angler's Flyfishing Made Easy Strategies for Selective Trout Successful Fly Fishing Strategies
Tying Attractor Flies Tying Bass Flies Tying Bass Flies (by Whitlock)
Tying Hatch Simulated Flies for Selective Trout Tying Trout Flies The Way of a Trout
Bob Sheedy's Lake Flyfishing Instructional Video Series
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