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As a dealer we have had the opportunity to sell many different wading products. over the years we have decided there is only need for 1, from best fit to the most  comfort to the greatest  longevity its Bare all the way.  We have our  best years with Bare Waders in quality and service. Truly a high quality product at a reasonable price.  Our return track record is O since we started with the company. That speaks for it self, 
Many satisfied customers.
Breathable waders Travel Waders Neoprene waders 
4-2 mm
Waders Supra
Boot foot
Neoprene waders 
Sport series
waist Hi
and Hip waders
Bare Black water breathable wader Bare Travel Lite Bare supra 4 Bare Supra 4 Felt Boot Foot Bare Sport 5 Bare Sport Waist-Hi Waders
Bare Cuttthroat 
Breathable wader
Bare Ultra Lite Bare Supra 2 Bare Supra 4 Cleat Boot Foot Bare Sport 3 Bare Sport Hip Waders
Bare Ultra Lite Felt Boot Foot Bare Supra 2 Ladies Bare Sport 3 Ladies
Bare Ultra Lite Cleat Boot Foot Bare Sport 3 Youth

 Springbrook Neoprene Waders  Wardell Breathables
 North River Economy Wader

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