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World Record trout caught in Manitoba!
Why Fish Manitoba?

In the last few years Manitoba is really being put on the map, originally known more for its farming  rather than its fishing,

As of 2006 Manitoba, now has  something to really boost about , a new  official world record,  A 29 inch brook trout, Caught by Tim Matheson, for more information and Tims beautiful catch please view www.brooktrout.ca

Manitoba  already has a record breaking rainbow Measuring in at 34 inches caught by Harvy Weslake ,
Its no wonder Manitoba is becoming a highly sought after place to fish,

What is Manitoba's secret to such Large  trout, a low population density , mixed with high fertile waters, and a short fishing season.  This  is a recipe for Monster trout.  Manitoba is becoming a highly desirable place to fish.
so if you are looking for a place away from the crowds  and want a really good chance at a fish of a life time.  Consider Manitoba as you next fly fishing destination , you will not be disappointed.